May 25, 2016



Congregational Singing – At Lake Wylie Baptist Church, some songs we sing are hundreds of years old and some are only a few months old. Every Sunday morning at 10:00am, we worship as a gathered church because God deserves it, because it unifies us as a family, and because it displays God to the neighborhood around us. In other words, worship turns our attention up to God, in to each other, and out to our community. Singing together is special because everyone proclaims one message with one heart in one voice as one body to one God.

Worship Teams – Adults and students who wish to worship God and bless the church through music have the opportunity to join our vocal, instrumental or AVL teams. We’ll work with you one-on-one to develop your abilities and train you how to play, sing, and worship more skillfully.


Lake Wylie partners with several local organizations to do ministries of mercy and justice in our city. We also give close to 25% of our operating budget away to other organizations and mission agencies. To find out more visit our Outreach page.

For more information on any of these ministries please feel free to contact us.